This is a modern "solderless" breadboard that is used to connect components without the use of solder. It simplifies the process of prototyping circuits. It is required for basic electronics. This breadboard has two power rails on both sides as well as 400 contact points. These contact points are holes on the breadboard into which wires and components can be inserted.

Product Description of the Mini Solderless Board

Small Breadboard / Mini Solderless Board

Features of the Mini-Breadboard

  • 400 tie-point plug-in Solderless Bread-Board
  • Four independent common bus lines
  • Hole Pitch/Style: 0.1" (2.54 mm), Square Wire Holes
  • Insertion Wire Size: 21 to 29 AWG wire, or 0.025” Square post headers 0.016 to 0.028 inches diameter (0.4 to 0.7mm diameter)
  • Contact Life: 50,000 insertions
  • Rating: 36 Volts, 2 Amps
  • ABS plastic material and phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips
  • Dimensions:84x53.3x8.3mm

Mechanical Drawing of the Mini Bread-Board

Small Breadboard


Additional Resources

Small Breadboard / Mini Solderless Board datasheet

Package Contents

1× Small Breadboard / Mini Solderless Board

Breadboard 400p

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